Custom Residence: Midnight Black Slate w/ Solar Panels, Newport Beach, CA

At Coastal Roofing, our measure of success is client satisfaction. For over 15 years, we have been leading Southern California's roofing industry with unparalleled customer satisfaction by focusing on our customers needs and delivering a premium product.

No matter how large or small the job, we have satisfied the roofing needs for thousands of customers. Our commercial past and present is a mix of newly constructed facilities, re-roofs, and ongoing maintenance programs with varying degrees of scope. We have met the needs of our residential clientele from simple repairs to the complex re-roofing of H.O.A.s.

Coastal Roofing is a certified installer for the majority of the largest roofing manufacturer's in the country, we're licensed, bonded & completely insured. In both, residential and commercial, it is our attention to detail as well as cost effectiveness that makes Coastal Roofing a leading roofing contractor in Southern California. Our diverse experience, professional qualificatios, and proven capabilities make us an excellent candidate for any roofing project.

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